Who am I : Anne-Sophie Chalut-Natal

Anne Sophie Chalut-Natal

Family history

After many years working in real estate, I decided to change careers. Sensitized crafts since childhood, through trades from my mother (creative seamstress), my grandfather (artisan) and aunt (painter), I was aware, initiated and was able to discover the creativity pleasures.

During a visit in the glass workshop in Biot, I was captivated by the transformation of glass by fire and I was immediately attracted by the magic of this material. At that moment, I felt a burst of creativity, and I realized I had to do everything possible to guide my life in this way. The glass craft torch, specifically, the creation of glass pearls, the job of "art pearl maker", struck me as obvious.

Recognized Our Pearl Art

In 2008, a meeting with Miss JANE, famous art pearl maker, which gave me an internship/training course, consolidated my choice. Since then, a regular work and passion allowed me to obtain the tittle of creative craftsman's from the chamber of commerce and becoming a member of the French Pearl of art, the association of the Studios of art of France.

A passion

Fire with the torch, the glass flowing, changing colors and finally freezing, aroused in me a passion, and soothes me. The myriad colors of glass, its transparency and malleability are all virtues that nourish my imagination. According to my desires, glass lends itself to all sorts of forms, from pearl spun glass, jewelry to simple objects of decoration, always for pleasure.

Close to nature, the natural elements in the sea, mountains, flora and fauna, are my main sources of inspiration.

Sharing her craft

I have an art studio, where I can work with glass, make my own way, and present my production. Anyone can come to see me working glass with blowtorch. I also participate, several times a year, in shows of art and art professions, to share my passion and to discover my creations.